Hey guys, today I'm really excited. Today I'll be helping you build your first website. It could be on any niche. Whatever you like, whatever you are passionate about. It could be guitar, food, technology, anything. I gave you an overview of why starting a blog is one of the most important step in your journey to become a good digital marketer. I have never learned the trade just by reading about it or watching a video about it. Unless until I practice it, I'm not able to learn the skill.

So, whenever you are building a blog, the first thing that you need to know is the domain name.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a website name. Where internet users can access your website. Like the case of Facebook. Now, "facebook.com" is the domain name for the company Facebook. Similarly, "google.com" is the domain name for the company, Google. I know it's very simple, but still I'm explaining it for people who don't know it. Now, there can be multiple extensions of your domain name.

The popular ones are ".COM" definitely. Like, "google.COM" , "facebook.COM" , "instagram.COM". ".COM" is suited more for the international audience. But when you are targeting specific countries, like if you take the case of India, if you want to target only the Indian audience, then instead for going for ".COM" you can go for ".IN".
Like my case, my website address is "gyanibacha.com".

Now, after the domain name, to start a blog you need hosting.

What is web hosting?

It is a service that allows individuals and organizations to post a website or a web page on the internet. So, just like you have Elmira and covers to store your stuff, similarly your website also needs a place to store all the files and the folders.
A website is nothing but a directory of files and various folders that are rendered through a server or a particular domain name. So, whenever you're thinking of starting a blog, you need two things: first is a domain name, and second is a website hosting.

Now, hosting also comes in different varieties so there's a shared web hosting, cloud hosting and then there is dedicated hosting. So let me explain each of them to you. We shall start with the shared web hosting. Now shared hosting is a type of web hosting that allows multiple websites to share a physical web server and its resources among the hosted websites.

So whenever you are buying a web hosting, you're actually buying the space of the various servers. So there are various companies that sell web hosting. Like SiteGround, GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator.
So whenever you are buying hosting, you are actually buying some space on the server of this company. So when we talk about shared web hosting, you're actually taking a small part of the server.

Because taking the entire server will be really expensive, so shared web hosting is a solution for people to start their blog at a very cheap price by taking a small part of the server. So by introducing this concept of shared hosting, multiple websites can then be in the same server.
And also shared hosting is the cheapest option.

So to understand this clearly, let's take an example. So let's assume you are looking for a flat and you've seen this flat which is really amazing and it has three rooms. But your requirement is only for one room.
So you don't want to pay for the entire flat, when you only need one room, right? So the solution is that, three people can take one room each, so that each person does not have to pay the entire amount of the flat. Rather, just one third of the entire rent. So that's how shared web hosting works. A server has multiple websites and they pay a small fee just to have some part of the server usage.

And this is what you will be purchasing to start a blog as well because this is the cheapest option. And also for beginners or people who are starting out with digital marketing or just starting a blog, a shared web hosting is more than enough because you are not driving a huge amount of traffic, because you're just starting out.

Now the next come the cloud hosting ?

This is the one I use because my website is driving approximately 120,000 people per month, and to handle such kind of traffic you need a good server and that is why I am paying a premium for the server and I am also using cloud hosting.
Now just like I told you the cloud hosting is used by established websites that are driving a massive traffic, and because it is costly as well so startup people or people who are just starting up with digital marketing or starting with blogging, they should not consider it.
Now dedicated hosting is for the extremely popular websites that are driving millions of people on a monthly basis. And they need that kind of server resources, so this is when dedicated hosting comes into play. So websites like Facebook.com, Google.com, Instagram.com or even very big popular  websites which are driving multi-million people per month.

Now let's talk about free hosting?

Especially in India, "free" is something that is really preferred. Yes, free hosting does exist, but they have their limitations, they have drawbacks and honestly, they are not worth it.
If you really want to start digital marketing go for paid hosting. Because as I said, the only way you can learn digital marketing is through practical knowledge and these free web hosting providers they are honestly very shitty, they have limited server resources, they have unstable performances. That means your website will go blank or will give a 404 error even with small traffic. And the worst part is there will be no technical support.

Since you are starting out your blogging, sooner or later you will face issues. You will face problems like, installing WordPress, or some plugin is not working. Then you need someone to talk to. That's where the web hosting company comes into play.
There are support people, you can directly call them or live chat with them and they will solve the issue for you. But with free hosting, nothing like that comes. But with free hosting, there is no technical support.


In this blog try to explain how can you start a blog. What is a domain name? What is web hosting?
What is cloud hosting? What is free hosting? 

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