If you really want to learn free Azure DevOps. I will tell you a few steps on how you guys learn it.


Free azure account

 For learning purposes, you must have a free account. Click to create free link. Enter all the mandatory fields and then you are ready to go.


Try to understand what is azure DevOps portal and what is an azure portal

 azure portal


 DevOps portal

So we have two portals one is azure DevOps another one is azure Portal.In the Azure DevOps portal, we will create repository, the pipeline for Continuous integration, and continuous deployment.In the Azure portal, we will create resources like web apps, SQL server, etc.So once you go through the above two portals and get some idea what is it.


Dig more into Azure DevOps

Microsoft provides a very informative website for us i.e https://azuredevopslabs.com/ to learn azure DevOps. Here we have different modules. Each module helps us to know more about what is DevOps like it will help us to know more about agile methodology, how can we create the pipeline, what is boards, etc.


Youtube videos and Udemy Courses

I am a certified Azure DevOps engineer. I follow the above steps only to learn DevOps. But I went through so many videos and courses also to clear my concept more.So you guys also want to know about courses and youtube videos. Please comment below. I will share the link to you which helps you guys also to learn.


Practice to create basic ci/cd pipeline 

Now we have to practice how we can create a repository, how to create a continuous pipeline then how to create a continuous deployment pipeline.Further advance we can also learn how we can integrate unit test tasks in the pipeline. So by doing all the above steps we learn a lot about DevOps.     
Happy Learning!!!

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