Micromanagement is a management style characterized by excessive control and attention to details of the works of subordinates or employees.

Micromanagement is something that is faced by almost everyone working in a company. Why is it necessary for an employee at a higher level to micromanage another employee comparatively at a lower level?
I have known so many people who have left jobs because of this reason as they were feeling suffocated while working in that company. We know that we are working for a company and for a manager but that doesn't mean that we are supposed to be treated like this to complete the deadlines of the project. It not only affects the confidence of the employee to work in that company but also has an impact on employees' mental and physical health.

An employee when we start working in a company, they come with a motive that new things will be learned, creativity will be increased but no there are other things that happen which are actually the opposite of what we have thought. The morale of an employee decreases, their productivity and creativity are impacted.

There are two kinds of managers in a company and I am writing based on my experience:
1) Who not only works for the betterment of the company but also for the betterment of the employees working under him.
2) Who only works for themselves and are very selfish.

I wish that everyone should be respected equally at their work irrespective of their positions.
Last but not the least please try to appreciate employees as it motivates them to do more work.

Thank you!

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