# January 2019
We divide colleges into three categories that are Tier-1, tier-2. Tier-3. When we select our college we look for the brand name and if it is Tier-1 college we choose it without giving a second thought, but when it comes to Tier-2 and Tier-3 we look into other factors like ROI( return on investment), faculty and many more. Talking about ROI everyone cannot afford a fee of 16 Lakhs on their own and they take a loan for the education. 
When it comes to placement we do not have surety that we will a package of at least 16 Lakhs per annum or more than what we have invested. This makes most of the students to drop the idea of pursuing post-graduation. I was also in the same dilemma when I got selected for one of the colleges at symbiosis university, and the college comes under the category Tier-2, but I had no other option but to take admission. The next dilemma was about fees, my parents could pay the first installment on their own but for the other installments, I had to take a loan, which made me rethink on continuing the masters.

#May 2019

All is said to happen for a cause. Earlier I did not know about the program SRCC-GBO, I was going through the youtube videos for colleges and got to know about the course SRCC-GBO. I know Shri Ram College of Commerce is a brand in itself but was not sure about MBA from SRCC. Then I got to know that for general candidates and for other categories we have 31 seats respectively, so I was not sure whether I will be able to crack it or not. I gave the exam and was able to crack it when the result was declared I already took admission in SIDTM, after that I started comparing both the colleges.

Why I chose SRCC over SIDTM?
1) Brand Name
2) Faculty
3) ROI
Talking about ROI SRCC-GBO fee is 3,24,000 for two years whereas the fee of SIDTM is 16Lakhs for two years. When I compared the placements for both colleges they were almost the same, SRCC-GBO has an average of 10Lakh and the same for SIDTM. So you can compare on the basis of ROI if you are not selected in any of the TIER-1 colleges, in that case, I think SRCC-GBO is one of the best options.

Only one disadvantage that I feel is that it is a non-residential program, you do not get to enjoy the perk of peer to peer learning. You might miss the fun that you imagined in an MBA college, but these are secondary things and can be managed.

It is worth joining SRCC-GBO both for placements and learning.
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