I know these are the tough times that our nation is facing. But PREPARE, DON'T PANIC. Allow yourself to feel low sometimes, be realistic as we all know that each day cannot turn out to be productive. Don't idolize someone else and get obsessed over their productive routine because no one shares their lows on social media. It is okay sometimes in this situation to have an allnighter. It is okay to remain in your bed for the whole day and binge-watch your favorite movies or series. But you should still take out few hours in a day to be productive no matter how much we curse this situation, try and accept the fact that this is a golden period for all of us especially who said "I never get time" as we all know time never comes back, there should not be a situation where you regret doing nothing in the future. This is the right time to stay with your family and prove to them that you can help them with their daily chores, you can also be good at cooking as we never get time to help our mother in such things to make her feel special by helping and let her ask to rest and binge-watch series, I am sure everyone has those kinds of friends who blame you about your busy schedule prove them wrong and spend time while talking on the phone with them.
The most important thing during this time that needs to be followed is indulging into some sort of physical activity even if it is just for 30 minutes in a day like doing exercise or dance or aerobics or yoga but make sure you are doing one of these as it helps to feel fresh.
One more thing that you should do is stop only following negative news, I advise you all to watch COVID-19(Coronavirus) news once or twice in a day and not spending the whole day watching this news, as it brings negativity and tension. There are channels which tells you positive news about the situation like on Instagram there is a page named as https://www.instagram.com/somegoodnews/, you can follow that to feel positive. I will not say BE POSITIVE as it has become a bad word in 2020, I'll rather say BE CONSTRUCTIVE.


Top series 2020( INDIAN)
  • Asur (Voot)
  • Mentalhood (Altbalaji, Zee5)
  • Special Ops (Hotstar)
  • State of Siege (Zee5)
  • Afsos(Amazon)
  • Panchayat (Amazon)
  • Bhaukal (Mx Player)
  • Army Lawyer(Zee5)
Top Series 2020(HOLLYWOOD)
  • Money heist
  • YOU
  • Sex Education
  • Elite

The next blog will be on the exercises that you can do without gym at home and feel refreshing.


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