I have seen that whenever a nation faces crisis some of the other things comes into the limelight and really become successful. At the time of demonetization, we saw that Paytm was the most used application. As we are facing a crisis in 2020 where it has become difficult to go outside the house and really needs to maintain social distancing. One such invention during this time is DALGONA COFFEE. To be very frank I always used to make coffee like the way people are making now but the only difference is I didn't know it was called dalgona coffee.

Here are some steps to make dalgona coffee:

1) You can take coffee of any brand, take coffee in a cup depending on how many people you are making and add sugar accordingly with the coffee.

2) Add half tablespoon of boiling water so that it is easy to whisk the coffee and sugar. Stir the ingredients for around 10 minutes or more until it becomes light in color. Test whether your cream is ready by taking it in a spoon and checking whether it is falling from the spoon or not, if not then you have succeeded in making the perfect cream for your coffee.

3) You can use the cream in both hot milk or cold milk, I prefer with cold milk. Put milk in the cup and then add the cream. Your dalgona coffee is ready.

It is really yummy and easy to make. Please try and let know about your experience.

Please refer to the below link for more clear picture on how to make dalgona coffee at home.


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